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A leading player in the healthcare services in France

A leading player in the healthcare services in France, Domidep has chosen to focus its business on providing residential and medical care to elderly people.
Since its foundation in 1989, Domidep has fostered a culture of discretion and a mindset geared to service, quality and performance. The company is committed to providing a very high standard of accommodation and care services. Resident satisfaction is frequently surveyed and shows consistently high levels (>90%).

A growing business, Domidep steers its development through organic growth and targeted acquisitions. At the end of 2018, Domidep had over 80 establishments up and running with capacity for around 5,600 residents.

Domidep is a family business led by its founding chairman, Dominique Pellé, backed by a team of managers committed to driving the company’s growth in a responsible manner.



Domidep strives to offer elderly dependent people a place to live and be looked after that is friendly, comfortable and provides a sense of security. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the furniture, the comfort of residents and a high standard of individual care and support provided by attentive, committed and qualified staff.

Domidep has committed to responsible development by investing in staff training and well-being, improvements in residential comfort and energy-efficient facilities and buildings. For example, the company spends several million euros a year on training staff who are in contact with residents, residence maintenance and major renovation programmes. The company obtained the French “LUCIE” CSR label at the end of 2018, a sign of its commitment to progress and social issues.


  • Proximity

    The company’s organisational structure, purposefully decentralised, is based on a preference for smaller, independent structures deeply rooted in the local community. The directors of each establishment enjoy considerable independence from central management, which provides support and advisory services: this arrangement stimulates performance, encourages the emergence of ideas and favours a customised service with decision-making power being closer to the resident.

    The head office, located in L’Isle d’Abeau, around 35 km east of Lyon in central France, serves two primary and distinct purposes. Its first role is to determine Domidep’s strategic guidelines and implement its development strategy. The second consists in providing technical support to the establishments on an operational level: quality, pricing, accounting, taxation, controlling, procurement and monitoring of staff, regulatory and IT matters. Centralising support functions enables the establishments to concentrate on their core business: serving the needs of residents.

    Proximity is a recurring theme at all levels of company and subsidiary organisation: from the head office policy of avoiding over-standardised central management far removed from grassroots requirements, to fostering a culture of goodwill between employees, creating a strong work culture based on manager accessibility, and personalising relationships with residents and their families.

  • Trust

    Domidep wishes to be seen as a trusted operator, not only with regard to the residents it accommodates, but also with regard to its employees, for whom it offers a working environment conducive to personal fulfilment.

    Creating and maintaining the trust of residents and their families means being committed to the quality of the services provided: accommodating dependent individuals with the utmost professionalism, seeing that everything is done to ensure that residents are well looked after, and offering an attractive and appropriate living environment. Maintaining trust also means showing zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour and seeking ongoing improvement in service quality.

    On an employee level, this value implies trust in employees’ skills, capacity and potential. Each employee is expected to further their professional development continuously throughout their career at Domidep. Trust as a value is inseparable from independence and initiative:  functionally, all employees enjoy a considerable degree of freedom and independence within the framework of their duties.

  • Performance

    For over 30 years, Domidep has set great store on performance, the essential prerequisite for company growth. This is a matter of quality and operational efficiency, which means optimising organisational aspects in order to deliver top class care to our residents whilst having the flexibility to constantly adapt our services and procedures to a changing world: for example, connecting our retirement homes and residents to the outside world will be one of our key priorities over the coming years.


For 30 years, Domidep has chosen to focus its operations on providing elderly people with medical care in residential nursing homes.

The company has achieved robust growth thanks to:

  1. Organic growth: increasing capacity, renovations, restructuring, creating new services;
  2. External growth: creating new establishments, acquiring companies.

The company has gone through three main phases since the creation of the first establishment in 1989 by Dominique Pellé:

At the end of 2018, Domidep had around 5,600 beds in more than 80 establishments throughout France. 



Dominique Pellé Investors (UI Gestion, Carvest, BNP Développement, bpifrance) Managers

Executive management lies in the hands of the Group’s Chairman, Dominique Pellé, backed by a management team with grassroots experience in the industry (as retirement home directors).
The audit and strategic assessment functions are entrusted to the Supervisory Board, which also represents minority shareholders. The Board’s role is to approve the key strategic guidelines outlined by the Chairman, whilst providing advice and recommendations.

Management team

Chairman Dominique Pellé
Chief Executive Officer Pascal Guérin
Chief Operating Officer Brice Tirvert
Chief Financial Officer France Bentin
Chief Care Officer Valérie Savatier
Human Resources Director Alexandra Welzer
Chief Development Officer Michael Baudon
Real Estate Division Director Philippe Gaudin
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