What we do

What we do

Shelter and care for elderly dependent people

Domidep’s primary activity is providing elderly dependent people with all-inclusive accommodation services and personalised support in their daily lives. Domidep ensures that the living environment, care and services offered are suited to each individual’s needs and enable all residents, whatever their degree of dependence, to enjoy the same rights as they would if they were living at home.

The majority of residents in care are very physically dependent and/or affected by cognitive disorders. However, the establishment must be able to provide a living environment in which autonomous individuals are free to lead the lives they wish.

The nursing home

A living environment adapted to the needs of elderly people

The vast majority of residents have an individual room with en-suite bathroom. They may bring their own furniture, personal souvenirs and possess their own key. Residents also have unrestricted access to communal areas: lounges, TV rooms, restaurants, gardens, etc.

The whole establishment is designed to allow people suffering reduced mobility or cognitive disorders to live and move around in full security (adapted toilet cubicles, anti-slip floor coverings, continuous handrail, etc.).
Our establishments offer assistance in daily life, medical care and comfort, catering and laundry services and entertainment.

Rooms are cleaned every day. Meals, prepared onsite, are adapted to residents’ dietary requirements and preferences. Apart from the direct benefits related to activities on offer, such as readings, arts and crafts, memory workshops, light exercise, etc., these pursuits also create social bonds and bring the establishment to life.

Contact with the outside world

Nursing homes are in contact with the outside world

Living together requires certain rules regarding visits and excursions, which are decided on an individual basis. As in a flat-sharing arrangement, residents are required to simply notify the staff in the case of late visits or excursions, or for meals. In general, residents are free to receive any visitors they want, at their own convenience. Friends and family may participate in daily life (meals, bedtime, activities) and get involved in the establishment.

Some activities organised by the establishment also allow residents to be directly involved in local and international life outside the establishment (workshops with children from the outdoor centre, gallery visits, newspaper reading, debate workshops).

Alzheimer units

The nursing home: a living environment adapted to the needs of elderly people

Domidep strives to provide residential premises conducive to the well-being of elderly people regardless of their level of dependence. in France, 2/3 of establishments have special Alzheimer care units.

These units, which are part of the nursing homes but have independent spaces, target patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related cognitive disorders and have qualified, dedicated, well-trained and strongly supported staff.


The nursing home: a service platform for dependent people

In recent years, Domidep has sought to provide services to dependent elderly people who do not need permanent accommodation:

PASA (activity and customised care centres)

areas set up within our establishments designed to accommodate day residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, neurodegenerative diseases or behavioural disorders. In these areas, individual or group activities are on offer, developed by occupational therapists, psychomotor therapists, psychologists and care assistants under the responsibility of the coordinating doctor.

Day centre

this service allows people aged 60 and over, living at home and suffering loss of autonomy, to stay for one or more days a week in a suitable, welcoming and secure environment. The objectives are to prevent the loss of social contact and restore the individual’s social life, promote autonomy in daily life and support the caregivers.